Living Room

Housing voucher program for those who do not qualify for other local services

There is a significant need for additional support for people in our community experiencing homelessness. Homeless shelters are great for emergency and short-term housing, but without additional case management support, many people fall through the cracks of the system, causing what some call “chronic” homelessness. What this means is that individuals who do not have sustainable housing go back and forth from camps to shelters with the resources they already have and are not given the proper tools to be able to stop the cycle. RISE and other local service providers are working to change these patterns. In RISE’s experience, building a large team of people has been the most impactful strategy. 

“Last night was freezing; the snow has fallen in our city for the first time this season – the possibility of frostbite, hypothermia, and other life-threatening illnesses are looming over the heads of many in our community.”

Mary, RISE Living Room Director

Team of Four

The Living Room Project operates on a philosophy that with the right support, and a stable environment, people can succeed in manifesting their own sustainable living situation that works for them. The Living Room works best with a team of four:

  • Guest (could be an individual, a couple, or a family)
  • Support person for in-person visits and assistance
  • Support person for researching options and resources
  • Support person for texting and phone calls

These roles depend on each team’s strengths, scope, and capacity. A larger team means that more time can be dedicated to the individual; it also includes the Living Room guest as a valuable and important part of the team. Currently, there is one paid position for Living Room staff. The rest of the support team consists of interns who work with RISE fifteen hours per week and community volunteers.