OUR Place

Opened in June of 2021, OUR Place is the largest emergency housing provider for women and families in our community. In partnership with Washoe County HSA, we provide shelter and wrap around services for 138 women, 38 families, 28 seniors, and all of their animal companions every day.

OUR Place is a low-barrier emergency shelter unlike any other campus in the nation.

It is specifically designed to provide a warm, safe, and home-like environment where guests feel welcomed and wanted. This “Person First” approach is meant to remove the stigma of poverty and provide a conducive space for healing and growth.

Through almost a decade of working with our neighbors who live outside, we have found that they are capable, resourceful, creative, and resilient people. Life is about living, not just surviving and we recognize that when individuals are trusted and invested in, they thrive. Our Guests tend to meet and exceed their goals by building trusting relationships, investing time and energy, and learning to advocate for themselves.

Moving indoors can be an isolating and lonely experience, this is why RISE and Washoe County Humans Services Agency offer wrap-around services in order to assist those facing daunting transitions. We are not just providers, we are a team of individuals who walk the path with our Guests. Staff, peers, volunteers, and the Guest’s support network all bring healing and unity to achieve hope. Our model is one of collaboration with peer-led services. We are compassion driven, and outcome-based with a focus on long-term housing solutions that fit the needs of individuals. We recognize that diversity makes us stronger and embrace human uniqueness. Rather than seeking to build a program that pushes people to adapt, we collaborate to build responsive interventions.

Our Place is more than a bed; it is a second home. Guests find themselves in an environment where they and their families have a therapeutic place to heal.

Donate Goods

THANK YOU for considering us for your donation items!

Please email donations@renoinitiative.org to arrange a donation drop off.

We always have a need for:

Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash
Infant/Adult Diapers
Baby Wipes
Hand/Body Lotion
Chap Stick/Lip Balms
Beauty Supplies
Razors/Shaving Cream or Gel
Hand soaps
Sponges/Magic Erasers
Laundry Essentials (dryer sheets/detergent)
NEW Women’s underwear any size
Bras any size
Shoes/boots (no heels)

Do you have a service you would like to volunteer or an idea on how to support that’s not listed here? Email us at info@renoinitiative.org and tell us your thoughts! We love collaborating with our community to serve our community.