★★★ Winter Plans – Living Room Fundraiser ★★★

“Being there as support you can talk and ease people into new steps. I think, if I were approached, what would have put me at ease and feel supported – initially to listen and let people talk it out, relate at the same time, and share that feeling of not being alone.”

-Julie Barbieri, RISE Intern 2020

The Reno Initiative for Shelter & Equality

The Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality (RISE) is a grass-roots organization founded in 2012 to support un-sheltered people in the Reno area through mutual aid. It has grown and evolved and now comprises two main areas. One area is a continuation of the original outreach effort to provide food, supplies, services, and emergency shelter to our neighbors. Our impact depends on volunteers and donations from the community. RISE’s second role is partnering with Washoe County to manage the County funded Women’s, Senior’s, and Family Homes called Our Place. In this role, RISE staff support guests 24/7 as they transition into stable housing and engage in county case management.

RISE is uniquely qualified to serve our community members since many of the volunteers and staff have lived experience and have overcome other life trauma connected to poverty. They can have compassionate relationships with individuals and also provide guidance. RISE does not assume the role of an institution when interacting with an individual. RISE staff and volunteers develop personal relationships which provide needed moral support and the opportunity for growth.

$20,000 Matching Donor to bring people inside during this storm.

Can you help us reach this goal? The donor is also helping our team find motel rooms. He just started but so far has 9 rooms so at least 18 people won’t die from exposure. If you know safe hotels / motels / apartments we can work with please reach out.

1/31 UPDATE: $30,954 + $20,000

As of Saturday Night, the team has housed:

  • 115 adults
  • 2 children
  • 2 pregnant woman
  • 18 pets
  • More who haven’t been typed into our system yet

Our Place

Our Place is a small campus of buildings leased by Washoe County and located on Glendale Ave. at 21st Street in Sparks. There are 28 rooms for families, a home for 100 women, and a place for temporarily displaced seniors. The facility is newly remodeled to provide an appealing place for temporary residents. RISE advocates operate these homes 24/7 and accept donations for miscellaneous items to support the residents as they work toward their goals.

Living Room

Living Room is RISE’s housing voucher program for those who do not qualify for other local services. We have found rooms to use in the winter of 2020-2021 for temporary housing and focused community support to help people work towards their next step.

RISE and other local service providers are working to change cycles of homelessness. In RISE’s experience, building a large team of people has been the most impactful strategy.


During COVID restrictions. Individually packaged meals are still being delivered. Volunteers can continue to support the staff, but they need to coordinate with RISE to receive additional training and work remotely as much as possible to ensure safety.

RISE Mission Statement

The Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Reno, Nevada. Our initiative is to cultivate a greater sense of dignity and humility by providing equal access to shelter, knowledge, and opportunity. We seek to create a stronger community through the use of shared resources and mutual aid.