The Reno Initiative for Shelter & Equality

The Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Reno, Nevada. Our initiative is to cultivate a greater sense of dignity and humility by providing equal access to shelter, knowledge, and opportunity. We seek to create a stronger community through the use of shared resources and mutual aid.

RISE is uniquely qualified to serve our unsheltered community since many of our colleagues have a shared lived experience and have overcome life trauma connected to poverty. We have compassionate relationships with those we serve while providing guidance and developing life skills. RISE does not assume the role of an institution when interacting with an individual, rather we developed peer relationships which provide needed support and the opportunity for growth.

OUR Place

OUR Place is a low-barrier, person-first emergency shelter unlike any other campus in the nation. It is specifically designed to provide a warm, safe, and home-like environment where guests feel welcomed and wanted. This holistic approach is meant to remove the stigma of poverty and provide a conducive space for healing and growth.

In partnership with Washoe County HSA, we provide shelter and wrap around services for 138 women, 38 families, 28 seniors, and all of their animal companions every day. The facility is newly remodeled to provide an appealing place for temporary residents. RISE advocates operate these homes 24/7 and support the residents as they work toward their goals.

Women and Children CrossRoads

Women and Children CrossRoads is a sober-supportive housing program for mothers and single women who are recovering from substance use disorder, mental health conditions, or co-occurring disorder. In partnership with Washoe County HSA, the program works to identify, intervene, and stabilize highly complex individuals in our community who are generally unsheltered.

The Women’s CrossRoads program provides a drug and alcohol free living campus, specifically designed for women transitioning out of homelessness. Participants are offered temporary housing in a safe and caring environment while they receive several case management services, all geared toward targeting individual needs while building and supporting stability and sustainability within the community.

The Women and Children CrossRoads program provide a sober, safe, and supportive home for mothers recovering from substance use, mental health issues, who are homelessness or who are at risk of becoming homeless. Women are able to reside in the Cottages with their children, and those involved with the child welfare system may stay while working toward reunification. Residents receive wrap-around services including case management, alcohol/drug counseling, parenting support and education, and volunteer/work opportunities.