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After 8 years in front of the shelter, we have moved to a new location with the other daily volunteers who share a meal. RISE & Dine will continue to be on all but the second Saturday of the month. We also invite you to reach out and support the other groups who serve. Meals are served at 1905 E. 4th St. Get Directions

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About the Project

RISE and Dine is a hands-on giving project that mirrors the true spirit of Reno. Three Saturdays a month, our team invites volunteers throughout the community to cook their favorite recipes, and together we serve dinner and distribute clothing to hundreds of locals without a home. With the help of our supporters, RISE feeds thousands of Reno’s most poverty-stricken throughout the year. Read our Frequently Asked Questions and watch us on KOLO 8 News!

The RISE and Dine project is a truly special do-it-yourself experience that allows you to connect with people and families in need. By volunteering or donating, YOU are bringing warmth and comfort to the men, women, and children who go to bed hungry in Reno.

Volunteer for RISE & Dine

Sign up to cook a large meal, side dish, dessert, or beverage with your friends and family and serve it with us at the Community Assistance Center (CAC). RISE and Dine happens every Saturday (except the second Saturday of each month) from 5:00pm – 6:00pm. Visit our volunteer sign up form below to view available dates. Large groups are welcome! Check out our previous volunteers!

“I want to look each person I serve in the eyes, and thank them and hopefully give them some dignity.  It is what I would hope someone would do for me.  We are all in this together.  It could be me on the other side of that table.”
— Susan Burns, volunteer


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Scheduled Volunteers

Scroll the spreadsheet to see which dates and dishes are covered. Use this information to help you decide when to volunteer and what to bring!

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Map of new location between Sage Street and I580 on East 4th in Reno

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Community Meal Service, 1905 E. 4th St.
RISE and Dine will be set up on the lot with picnic tables and shade structures, located one block west of I580 on 4th Street.

What Should You Bring?

In addition to the food you bring, please bring a serving utensil. Here are some examples of dishes:

  • Entrees: hearty soup, casserole, burgers, hot dogs
  • Sides: salad, steamed or fried rice, homemade potato salad, hot biscuits
  • Desserts: crates of fruits, e.g. oranges, bananas, pears; batches of cookies, cupcakes, or brownies
  • Drinks: lemonade, hot chocolate, coffee

Also, keep in mind that many individuals suffer from health issues, so healthy dishes are always a great idea!

Technical Issues or Questions?

Contact info@renoinitiative.org if you have any questions or have trouble completing the sign-up form.

Full plate of fruit and casserole

Fresh healthy food