RISE builds relationships with our community by listening and advocating for people. We believe people and walk with them on their journey. Instead of prescribing a plan, we ask what someone needs, and if we have it to give, we give it. The things that make the difference are often small, little goals that bring hope and save people time. Private donations equip our team to provide direct aid and bring people back into our community. 

Safety is Our Top Priority

Letter from our Outreach Director

Outreach is my lifestyle. It’s my hobby, my go-to. It’s my happy place. Some people might find that ironic as my happy place can be in the deepest, darkest, scariest places in Reno and I’m okay with that. It’s hard to go to the dark scary places every day but when you know the people in the places it doesn’t seem so dark and scary anymore.

Everybody needs a light so you can see in the dark but usually it’s because you’ve been in that dark place and you know what’s there. That’s why we navigate it so well. But that doesn’t mean we like the dark, or like the hard times.

People experiencing homelessness navigate very well through those hard times because we’ve been there, we think it’s inevitable that we may be there again, and why not just stay there? When you’re on that side, it feels like nobody cares. That you’re a bother. That others don’t want to look at you, see you, or help you because your pain is too much to bear. So, you find comfort in nothing because at least you know what’s there. Yes, those are the people and places I go and see everyday.

Thankfully, this community is kind and donate all these amazing things that I’m able to go and share with all the incredible people that they don’t know. Without your help, I wouldn’t be able to do my job or help my people, my friends, my family. I thank you for helping RISE and OUR Place. I do what I do because of what this community does.

Thank you!

Wendy Wiglesworth

Safety Planning

Safety is a core value of the organization. By earning trust, people think of RISE as a resource when someone is in trouble. Winter is especially dangerous for those living in places not intended for human habitation. Frostbite and hypothermia take lives and limbs every year. These tragedies are unnecessary and a reflection of our inadequate regional housing options. Safety planning entails skilled, respectful communication and the ability to deploy emergency response teams from every sector of our community.