Our Place Guest Services Advocate

Women, Family, and Senior Emergency Shelter

Currently accepting Resumes for all positions and shifts

Guest Services Advocate

Scope and General Purpose:

Guest Services Staff are responsible for the overall care and administration of the facility, cultivating a comfortable and therapeutic environment and a culture of respect as well as providing the highest quality of compassionate care for guests. Staff will be assigned to the Women’s, Family’s, and Senior’s buildings based on experience. Please highlight your strengths to serve one or all of these groups in your resume and cover letter. Full and part-time positions cover a 24/7 schedule so please indicate your preferences.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare for each shift by reading staff logs and communicating with on-site volunteers and co-workers
  • Create and maintain a safe and welcoming environment. This includes the refusal to tolerate harassment and discriminatory actions or remarks as well as the use of de-escalation techniques and cultivating trusting relationships 
  • Engage with and contribute to the well being of the adults and children in the homes
  • Assist in the navigation of program and guidelines
  • Consistently apply shelter guidelines
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of the Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality and Washoe County Human Services Agency
  • Utilize harm reduction intervention, particularly, in relation to substance use disorders
  • Thoroughly and accurately document all pertinent incidents and referrals that take place throughout the shift and communicate to the oncoming co-workers
  • Assist in the maintenance of the space 
  • Engage individuals to maintain Our Place and work together as a community to keep the space clean and organized. Work with guests to co-create chore lists that work with their strengths so that everyone contributes 
  • Maintain strict confidentiality of all guest information with the exception of instances mandated by law. In such cases, follow agency protocol for reporting and response.
  • Adopt a trauma-informed, flexible approach to the work that identifies problems as external from individuals
  • Additional projects or responsibilities as needed and assigned

Additional Responsibilities for Overnight Shift

  • Stay awake throughout the entire shift to ensure safety
  • Assist with maintenance of shelter space, including doing laundry, organizing donations room, completing facility logs, and other projects as needed
  • Maintain client resource files
  • Facilitate morning schedule, including opening blinds and turning on lights in common areas, making announcements about times to wake up when requested, starting coffee, and other tasks which would contribute to a comfortable wake up for guests
  • Complete an overnight checklist after each shift


  • Minimum of 1-2 years experience walking with vulnerable populations in a supportive capacity 
  • Experience working with people who are inadequately sheltered, who have mental health or substance use concerns preferred.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated capacity to make safety-driven effective decisions in crisis situations 
  • Ability to respond in a clear calm manner, including incidents of confrontation, violence, or medical crises 
  • Computer skills and the ability to learn new technologies
  • A team player with the ability to work collaboratively with other staff members, guests, and volunteers.
  • Knowledge of Harm Reduction philosophy and application, Crisis Intervention, Mental Health Care, Multi-Cultural Awareness, and Trauma-Informed Care 
  • Embrace constant learning and growth which will include county and RISE training
  • CPR & First Aid training preferred but can be obtained post-hire
  • Peer certification preferred

Working Conditions

On occasion, staff must be able to lift up to 40 lbs., bend, sit, and stand for prolonged periods of time. The shelter is open 7 days per week year-round. Some weekend/holiday work may be required.

  • Compensation:
    • $14 an hour
    • $1 grave shift differential
    • $300/month insurance contribution for fulltime staff

Other Requirements: 

  • Criminal background check clearance is a requirement for hire