East 4th Rest Stop

Please call the VOA for Winter Housing Tent Information: 775-329-4141

Call Reno Direct if you are unable to get through: (775) 334-4636‬


Daily meals are still served by Reno Gospel Mission and Catholic Charities for those staying in the temporary tent run by the VOA and City of Reno.

1905 East 4th Street

– Additional COVID-19 Info for RISE –

Recommended Meal Changes

  1. Volunteers will be asked to bring pre-packaged items only such as lunches or burritos, that are easily distributed (Grab-n-Go)
  2. Drinks will be served from bottles/cans instead of from cups so that they are minimally handled and contact time with guests is limited
  3. Distribution of other goods such as hygiene items or clothing will be reduced or eliminated. (survival and/or sanitation items only)
  4. Basic food-handling hygiene will be carefully practiced (gloves & hand cleanliness)
  5. Volunteers who are not well must stay home
  6. Guests will be asked to keep 6-foot of social distance as much as possible
  7. Guests will be asked not to linger at the meal site after service
  8. Encourage guests to use the painted stripes 6 ft apart for the line
  9. Some groups are allowing people to sit at the tables and some are not

Become a Meal Provider

If you’re in the Reno area and would like to get more involved in helping your unsheltered neighbors, we need meal providers. If your social group, church, or family has been thinking about getting more involved in the community we could use the help. Please pass the word along!

  • Openings:
    • Dinner on the third Sunday of the month,
    • Dinner on the last Sunday of the month
    • Dinner on the first Monday of the month.
    • Lunch provider for the fourth Sunday of the month when the month has five Sundays (August and November left in 2020).

Contact Information

  • Call Reno Direct for Tent Information: (775) 334-4636‬

Daily Community Meals

You served with RISE at Record Street for 8 years and some groups have served for over 10. We moved to 1905 East 4th Street. The Home Depot in Carson City donated picnic tables, onsite storage is available, and we can continuously improve the location over the next few years. November 2nd was our 314th RISE and Dine community meal at the original location. Thank you for your years of faithful service providing hot meals to someone who needed it! We could not do it without you and we look forward to hosting you as you serve our neighbors at the new location.

Map of new location between Sage Street and I580 on East 4th in Reno. 1905 E 4TH ST Reno, NV 89512
New Meal Site as of Nov 4, 2019 – 1905 E 4TH ST Reno, NV 89512

Group Leaders:

Lead Groups: We Care Volunteers (with support from the Unitarian Universalists and the Verdi Posse), Loka Cares, Feeding Reno, The Sunday Crusaders, Bring It Home Charities, TriNet Cares, Smith, Hill & Friends, St. Anthony Greek Orthodox Church, The Serving Point, The Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality, Sikh Sewa Society, and the Salvation Army has stepped up to help during COVID-19.

  • Or sign-up to substitute for just a day if you can lead one night, fill in so the daily leaders can go to a doc appointment or just take some well deserved time off.


  • Washoe County
  • Washoe County Sheriff’s Office
  • City of Sparks
  • City of Reno
  • Truckee Meadows Water Authority
  • Carson Home Depot

Site Transition Information

  • NOV 4 – The opening
  • NOV 15 – Volunteer workday to setup picnic equipment
  • NOV 16 – RISE’s grand opening with the library and using the new dining area
  • Meal Service Folder: HERE
  • The Calendar: HERE