June 1 RISE Presentation

Update June 22

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30 minute recording about RISE and our Safe Camp Proposal

A conversation for our community

Our SafeCamp proposal has been on the agenda to present to both city councils and county commissioners since February of this year but keeps getting rescheduled or postponed due to these challenging times. In light of the recent, consecutive sweeps of the various camps in our community, our unsheltered neighbors need a safety plan now!

Winter will be upon us before we know it and we will again be forced to scramble last minute to save lives from the harsh weather of our region. We feel it is important to share our vision of a SafeCamp with as many members of our community as possible, so we can proactively prevent the unnecessary death and suffering of our most vulnerable citizens.

Please take 30 minutes to watch the presentation, learn about RISE, and ask officials to enact proactive solutions.

UPDATE June 1:

The Community Homelessness Advisory Board meeting does not have a quorum so our 9 am presentation was canceled right before it began at 8:38 am. Please stay tuned. We will need your support on this topic.

Please watch for updates because these issues of shelter are critical and important in our community. Over 1,000 people signed a petition and submitted public comments. We gathered several pages of signatures from people currently without shelter. Those citizens had the call-in information and were planning to listen.

These last-minute changes break public trust and are responsible for the loss of faith in our elected officials and governmental institutions. A sweep is scheduled to move over 230 people over the next two days. This is not the time for sweeps but a time for listening to everyone in our community who has been speaking out. We need these public meetings so people are respectfully heard.


RISE’s Board & Staff

On June first, RISE will be presenting an update to the Community Homelessness Advisory Board (CHAB) about the Our Place project for women and families and the technical logistics of running a safe camp for those who are unable to use local shelters. Please voice your support for this money and life-saving approach to your local officials. This presentation is being given to elected representatives from Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County.

Public comment can be submitted by leaving a voice message at: (775) 954-4664 or on the Zoom. Voice messages received will either be
broadcast into the Commission Chamber during the meeting or transcribed for entry into the record. The County will make
reasonable efforts to include all comments received for public comment by email and voicemail into the record. Please try to
provide comments by 4:00 p.m. on Friday May 29, 2020.