Please stay home if you are sick and message us if you were signed up to serve a meal, work a shift, or other activity. Please refer to our Health Department and local hospital releases to find the best practices to prevent the spread of COVID.

RISE is still operating with modifications. We will update this page as things change from day to day.

Call 775-328-2427 to request testing from the health district


  • Don’t make people wait in long lines
  • Don’t put anyone in crowded places
  • Access to water
    • Restrooms
    • Sinks and hand washing stations
    • Turn on local water fountains
    • Showers for people in every emergency shelter
  • Open hotel rooms so all people have access to sanitation and self-quarantine
  • National mortgage and rent relief
  • Direct aid to as many people as possible
  • Employment support for employees and owners
  • Truthful communication
  • Communication between government entities
  • Donate to Restaurants who are helping with daily meals: GoFundMe

Daily Meal Service

  • A dozen independent groups serve every day
  • Please stay home and heal if you are sick.
    • There will still be need when you get better
    • Pledge to take turns resting
  • Make grab and go meals
    • Sandwiches
    • Burritos
    • Bags or Boxes
  • We are allowing people to use the Washoe County funded restrooms and hand washing station during meal service
  • Use sidewalk chalk marks to help space people in lines


  • Prepared Food
  • Groceries that can help the meal providers cook
  • Survival Gear
  • Water
  • Sanitizers
  • Through our Amazon wish list
  • Emergency funds on Paypal

Volunteering from home

  • Make to-go dinner bags and coordinate pickup with our team
  • Video Chat with Zoom
  • Google Drive Planning
    • Write and design proposals
    • Write and design upcoming programs
  • Local Resources
    • Message us if you want to help edit these: Lists and Spreadsheet
    • Use the information to help people find resources
  • Help share information through Facebook Groups
  • Advocate for local and national relief programs

The worst part of this work has always been not being believed or taken seriously when conveying the experiences of our neighbors outside. I’m so tired of trying to convince people that not only is it as bad as I am explaining, it’s worse. -RISE Case Manager, March 23, 2020

Protective Equipment