2019 Warming Center Call to Action

Call your representatives, churches, and leaders to demand a temporary warming center

Please call multiple numbers

  • Reno Direct: (775)-334-4636
  • Sparks Emergency Management: (775) 353-1633
  • RPD: (775) 334-2677
  • Northern Nevada American Red Cross: (775) 856-1000
  • Your Church
  • Sparks City Manager: (775) 353-2310
  • Washoe County: (775) 328-2003

What is Needed

  • A convenient accessible location in Sparks and one in West Reno
  • There are about 200 people who are in need
  • Facilities that could house 80-100 would be ideal
  • Pet friendly policies to keep pets on site

There was devastating frostbite from nights like these in 2017. Proceed with caution to the following public document that addresses a situation and includes pictures of the injuries: link.

We need a church, community center, or school to act now. The shelters are full, the shelter hallways are full, the shelter staircases are full. Regional leaders must open a temporary warming center. People have been soaked for days and will die.

Severe weather impacts our homelessness populations more than ever with the affordable housing crisis.

Feb 15, 2019, 4:20 PM 

Hello wonderful community members,

This weather is so worrisome due to the rain, snow, and below freezing temperatures. It reminds me of previous winters where we saw people lose limbs and lives. In fact, yesterday was the anniversary of my friend’s loss of his legs due to frostbite.

I know that in most communities with harsh winters, community organizations and churches often open to provide a space for neighbors living outside to dry off and be warm for the evening. Some provide mats and blankets, others do not. Many nearby towns provide warming shelters to ensure lives and limbs are salvaged. I am reaching out to you all to gauge the interest of local congregations in opening your spaces to host vulnerable individuals who may perish in this extreme weather. I urge you to speak with your clergy and fellow parishioners to see if there are opportunities to help. Please let me know.

Be well,

Lisa Lee